Opera-jazz review upon the motives of George Gershwin works
Duration: 1 hour 20 minutes

Stage Director - Dmitry Bertman
Conductor - Vladimir Ponkin
Set and Costume Designers - Igor Nezhny and Tatiana Tulubieva
Choreographer - Edwald Smirnov

Premiere: January 30, 2004

In 2002 “Helikon-Opera” offered to the audience “Vec Makropoulos”, the remedy that could keep the body young for 300 years. But the recipe couldn’t guarantee the 300 years of energetic and joyful life. Quite the opposite, Ellina Makropoulos, who tried the remedy, was suffering from greyness of her existence and from lack of love. Trying to be logical, our theatre offers the spectators “Gershwin-Gala” vitamin, the performance that will give you energy and good humour for 300 years.

“Today in our country many people try to bring musicals into fashion, but musical material is often very dull. For “musical” they take something that was called “musical comedy” once. We didn’t have any ambitions to stage a musical, for this you should have special actor skills, special mentality. In our performance we don't try to represent the genre itself, but the composer, who was one of the founders of the genre… By the way, the musical was originally created for natural acoustics, that is why the real symphonic orchestra is playing” (Dmitry Bertman).

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