Le Nozze di Figaro


Le Nozze di Figaro
W. A. Mozart

Duration:  3 hours 10 minutes (with one intermission)

Stage Director – Dmitry Bertman
Music Director – Denis Kirpanev
Set and Costume Designers – Igor Nezhny and Tatiana Tulubieva
Light Designer – Damir Ismagilov
Stage Movement Director – Yuri Ustiugov

Pemiere – September 26, 2007
Language of performance – Italian, Russian subtitles

"Le Nozze di Figaro" is based on the second part of a famous Beaumarchais's trilogy. The story, which began in "Il barbiere di Siviglia", continues... The characters became older, the new generation had grown up...

The theatres do not usually stake on "Le Nozze di Figaro" by Mozart and "Il barbiere di Siviglia" by Rossini as a dilogy, but this is so interesting to follow what had happened with our acquaintances: Figaro the barber, doctor Bartolo and his Russian housemaid, military musician don Basilio.

They all appear in new historical situation. Beaumarchais and Mozart speak about the attack of "the third estate" (bourgeoisie) to the old aristocracy. Our performance is about the contemporary situation, which old Europe is facing today. The spheres of influence are redistributing. The castle of Count Almaviva is on sale... Who is going to buy it? The marriage of Figaro depends on that.


Act I
Figaro and Susanna are preparing for wedding. But it is suddenly found out that Almaviva, the Count, to whom the barber has helped to withdraw Rosina from Bartolo, now is after his own bride. And in her turn Marcellina is after Figaro: he owes her a lot of money and is bounded by the contract either to return money back or to marry her. to take the revenge Bartolo undertakes to help the housekeeper to defend her interests.

Young Cherubino complains to Susanna on the Count Almaviva who wants to oust him out of the castle. On the Count coming in, Cherubino hides himself. Almaviva thinks he is tête-à-tête with Susanna. She hears the Basilio’s voice and Susanna hides the Count. Basilio gossips about Cherubino and the Countess, which makes the Count fury. Almaviva tells that yesterday he has found Cherubino at Barbarina by surprise, and at the same moment he unexpectedly finds out the hidden Page...

Figaro instigates the Count to appoint the hour of wedding. Everyone tries to defend Cherubino, but the Count makes up his mind to get rid of too loveful child. He suggests that Cherubino may embrace Susanna “for the last time”, which makes Figaro mad.

Act II
Abandoned by her husband the Countess feels deep sadness. Figaro wants to make a trap to the Count, he thinks: Susanna would arrange a rendezvous to him, but Cherubino would go to it instead of her. the only thing needed is to dress the Page up in female clothes! they enthusiastically start to do it.

The jealous Count follows Cherubino. two women manage to save the Page by great efforts and risks. The Count has to apologize to the Countess for his abusive distrust.

Figaro tries to arrange his wedding as soon as possible, but at first the gardener Antonio, and then the “trio of avengers”: Marcellina, Bartolo and Basilio, are making obstacles on his way to happiness. they appear with the fatal contract at hands and demand justice.

As agreed upon with the Countess Susanna sets up the rendezvous with the Count, but he grasps a piece of Susanna’s chatting with Figaro and realizes the menace of making him a fool. He does decide to arrange a marriage of Figaro and Marcellina.

Under dictation of the Countess Susanna writes a note to the Count, arranging the precise time and a place of the rendezvous. they decide that the Countess herself, not Cherubino, would go to meet the Count.

The Judge declares the verdict: Figaro should either return the money or marry. But suddenly by a sign on his hand Marcellina recognizes in her “fiance” her once kidnapped child…It is found out, that his father is nobody else but Dr. Bartolo. this means that the Count’s plan with Marcellina has failed, and his last hope to have time enough for rendezvous with Susanna is lost.

Figaro who has desperately waited for the Count’s approval for a long time, decides to start celebrating his wedding.

Act IV
Figaro manages to follow some love letter traveling from the Count’s hands into the hands of Barbarina, who is supposed to deliver it to Susanna! As far as he knows nothing about two women’s new plan, he starts to suspect the worst. Seeing his tortures, the senior generation in the person of Marcellina and Basilio decides that it is a high time to share with him their everyday wisdom.

The plan of changing clothes is fulfilled. the Count and Figaro take Susanna for the Countess, and the Countess for Susanna; meanwhile Cherubino presents them many new surprises. Figaro manages to understand all this mess before Almaviva. His victory is brilliant and the Counts fiasco is total.

All actions are taken place in the castle of the Count Almaviva near Seville.

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