Love Forever


Concert program of West European hits of the XX century

Director - Dmitry Bertman
Musical director - Valery Kiryanov

Performances with opera stars and rock musicians or pop groups always attract attention. They are not frequest and usually resemble a short intervention into enemy’s territory, where everything is different.

Moscow musical theater "Helikon-Opera" has already annexed the territory of the Soviet opera and folk songs, romances, and even songs from the cartoons, staging such performances as "Kalinka-Opera", "Cartoons-opera", “Back in the USSR”. Now the People's Artist of Russia Dmitry Bertman carries out a new experiment, visiting Moscow State Variety theatre with Helikon’s troupe. 

The premiere of the concert program "Love Forever” by "Helikon-Opera" was performed at the Moscow State Variety Theatre on the 31st of October 2013 witha great success. It included twenty one love song, romantic hits of the past century, lyrical music, beloved by several generations. Almost half a century ago, "The Beatles" sang the immortal hit «All You Need Is Love». This simple idea, which cannot be refuted , sounds in «I Believe in Love», «Je suis malade», «Only You», «Lady in Red», «Love Me Tender» and many other songs in different languages, all recognizable from the first notes . The program mostly consisted of the songs of the 1960s, when there was a real musical burst out. Soloists of " Helikon-Opera" performed songs from the repertoire of Marilyn Monroe, Demis Roussos, Tina Turner, Adriano Celentano and many other world famous artists.

This project was not the first collaboration between State Variety Theatre and "Helikon-Opera". Their creative friendship started since Gennady Khazanov had headed Variety Theatre . On January 13, 1998 "Helikon-opera" performed "Die Fledermaus" on the stage of the theatre. The same evening, Gennady improvised the role of Johann Strauss having achieved great likeness with the composer. Joseph Kobzon sang Rubinstein ‘s "Epithalame" and the Aleko’s aria at the Prince Orlovsky’s ball and Vyacheslav Voynarovsky pretended Pavarotti. This performance was recorded by "TV Center" company. And now a new project of two Moscow theaters have been made. Old songs have found a new sound with the soloists, chorus and orchestra of "Helikon-Opera". Famous composer Kirill Umansky, the laureate of the BBC’s first contest of contemporary Russian composers on YouTube and the owner of "Golden Mask" for a new opera orchestrating of "Running" by Nicholas Sidelnikov, prepared the arrangements. Umansky works both with academic ensembles and with rock bands and believes that there is nothing impossible for a symphony orchestra: "The orchestra melts everything".

Thanks to a well-known businessman and philanthropist Michael Kusnirovich, soloists, chorus and actors appear on the stage, dressed in Bosco di Ciliegi attires.


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