Alpha & Omega


A tragic opera in three acts without intermission
Libretto by Dori Manor and Anna Hermann
Based on Edvard Munch's lithographic tale

Stage-director – Dmitry Bertman
Conductor – Valery Kiryanov
Set Designer – Pavel Dragunov
Costume designer –  Sofia Tasmagambetova
Lighting Designer – Denis Enyukov
Choreographer – Edvald Smirnov
Video Designer – Alexander Andronov
Choirmaster – Evgeny Ilyin


The world sensation: for the first time in Russia the opera of Israeli composer Gil Shohat “Alpha & Omega” will be presented on the Helikon-opera stage. And for the first time in Moscow will be performed in Hebrew.

The world premiere of the “Alpha & Omega” by G. Shohat took place in 2001 on the stage of The Israeli Opera.  

G. Shohat has composed the opera in the age of 27, but the conception has appeared long before. When he was graduating from the school, at the exhibition of Edward Munch, he saw the series of drawings "Alpha & Omega" to the artist's poem. The poem has inspired the young composer to create the opera. The work with the musical material has longed for 10 years. The author himself thinks, that this is the most important creation in his life and calls "Alpha & Omega" the apocalyptic opera.

The staging of this opera in Israel has broken the stereotypes of the opera art in the country.  

Alpha and Omega is the combination of the first and last letters of the classical alphabet. These are the God symbols as the beginning and the end of all things. Alpha and Omega – are the main characters of the G. Shohat’s opera. The plot is very difficult to explain in words – it’s a warning message, opera- paroemia, which invokes us, who live in the rapid, turbulent and cruel time for a person, to stop for a moment and to take a thought about the meaning of life.

The score is provided by the publishing company RlCORDl & CO., Bühnen- und Musikverlag GmbH, Berlin

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