Orlando, Orlando


George Friedrich Handel
Gabriel Prokofiev

Opera Seria in three acts
Performed with one intermission in Italian language with the Russian subtitles

Libretto by K. S. Capece based on the poem by L. Ariosto " Orlando furioso»

Stage Director: Georgy Isaakyan
Music Director: Andrew Lawrence-King (UK)
Production Designer: Hartmut Schorghofer (Austria)
Choirmaster: Eugene Ilin
Light Designer: Alexey Nikolaev

"Helikon” addresses to baroque music, and Handel's opera" Orlando", until now not presented on any Moscow stage, at last will find its place in the opera world of the capital. However in “Helikon” the  performance is titled “Orlando, Orlando”. The director Georgy Isaakyan with the composer Gabriel Prokofiev, the specialist in baroque music Andrew Lawrence-King and the set designer from Austria Hartmut Schorghofer are creating the new reality, which unites the marvelous Handel’s composition and the tragic story, happened in Orlando (Florida, USA).

“The thought about this production came to me after this horrible murder in the night club in Orlando, Florida, - remembering the director Georgy Isaakyan. Suddenly the thought about the "otherness" came up to me. Very often the “another” existence - by nationality, social or sexual orientation – provokes violent conflicts. We have discovered the important connection between the genius Handel’s composition and the real story not only in the name coincidence.

The “Orlando, Orlando” performance will force us to take a thought about many things, but the main message is in to explore how far is it possible to go into your illusions and yourself "otherness"? Are we ready to accept the world as it is in the real life.

Gabriel Prokofiev (the grandson of the great Russian composer Sergei Prokofiev) is involved in staging the opera. “This is the area of contemporary musical culture. We do not want to call it “techno”, or “club”, or “DJ” music” – says Georgy Isaakyan. “We like to use in the show the complex of various elements, which is sometimes captivating in the ”watercourse” of modern club culture, sometimes uncovering as “techno-baroque”, based on the Handel’s music baroque technique.

The creators of the show added the choir to the opera (in the Handel’s “Orlando” there is no choir) - Fragments of Handel's oratorio "Israel in Egypt". “In the “Helikon-opera” there is such wonderful choir, so not to use it in the production would be a big omission” – thinks the director Georgy Isaakyan. “In our production the choir actors take an active part”.

The premiere of the drama per musica  "Orlando took place in London in 1733 on the stage of the Royal Academy of Music. The premiere of “Orlando, Orlando” will be held on March 27 and will last to the March 31.

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