Winter night's dream

Alexander Pokidchenko


New year show for children
Based on Alexander Koruchekov’s play

Stage Director: Ilya Ilyin
Musical Director: Alexander Pokidchenko
Art Director: Rostislav Protasov
Light Designer: Denis Eniukov
Choreographer: Ilona Zinurova

Playing time: 1 hour without an intermission

New year! Amazing time… Small lights shining on Christmas trees, peculiar winter scents, a miracle comes knocking at the door! During New Year’s holidays "Helikon-Opera" is home to magic! The theatre turns into a fairy palace full of excited voices of children. Kids play around the Christmas tree with beautiful music accompanying every moment.

New Year’s Eve is also known to be the night of good and prophetic dreams. "Helikon-Opera" has prepared for its little and the most important spectators the musical called "Winter Night’s Dream".

This wonderful tale was written specially for "Helikon-Opera" by composer Alexander Pokidchenko on Alexander Koruchekov’s play. Director Ilya Ilyin will tell the story together with theatre artistes and ensemble of soloists of the orchestra of "Helikon".

Just imagine: a little Bear looks for the New year in a magic forest full of its inhabitants and incredible adventures.

The creators of the performance included a lot of interactive activities in order to not to make our young guests bored. We promise that both children and adults will remain happy: the magic of art will lift the mood and bring some unforgettable impressions, so "Winter Night’s Dream" will become a joyful and memorable event for children and their parents!

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