La voix humaine


Francis Poulenc
Libretto by Jean Cocteau

Solo performance by Tamara Gverdtsiteli

Stage Director: Dmitry Bertman
Musical Director: Valery Kiryanov
Art Director: Rostislav Protasov
Light Designer: Denis Yenyukov

How does a woman with a broken heart behave? Jean Cocteau created the play "La voix humaine", as if he had cut out a piece of reality from life, expressing with words the state of a woman’s mind in moments of despair and hope... Meanwhile Francis Poulenc did the same with the help of music. And here we got one of the most expressive, heartfelt and beautiful works about love and solitude. In the monodrama "La voix humaine" only Her and Music is on stage. Poulenc did a great job to make the audience watch the unfolding drama as if enchanted.

Jean Cocteau created «La voix humaine» in 1930 for Bertha Bouvi, a dramatic actress. Since then it has been included in the repertoire of many outstanding singers.

In 1994 Dmitry Bertman staged this play for the "Helikon-Opera" prima - amazing Natalia Zagorinskaya. Later this role brought the young singer the glory of a legend of the opera scene.

In Season 2017/2018 our theatre again presents the brilliant creation of Poulenc. Be ready for the sensation! In the performance "La voix humaine" a People's Artist of Russia, famous singer and actress Tamara Gverdtsiteli will appear on the Stravinsky Hall stage for the first time.

Tamara's astonishing voice, her refined artistry and vivid expressiveness will delight all of the spectators of the premiere performances, because every appearance of the singer on stage is a real music magic! We invite you to an incredible journey through the secret alleys of a woman’s soul together with Tamara Gverdtsiteli and Francis Poulenc!

The score is provided by the publishing company RlCORDl & CO., Bühnen- und Musikverlag GmbH, Berlin

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