Audience Policies

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

Please note the following principal Policies for attending the Theatre and your trip to Helikon-Opera will be more enjoyable!

1. No need to worry. Prepare your tickets, get in and you find yourself in the beautiful lobby of the theatre.

2. If you have brought the flowers for your favorite singer, you need to leave them with the stewards at the entrance. They will present your bouquet to the mentioned person at the end of the show.

3. The closet is located in the basement of the theatre. Helpful stewards will show you the way down, if you come to our theatre for the first time. In special cases you can use the elevator going down and up –from the ground floor in the Atrium to the closet.

4. In the closet you can rent binoculars. If you rent a pair of binoculars, you can pick up your clothes without standing in the line to the closet at the end of the performance.

Feel comfortable!

1. You are requested to follow a dress-code in the theatre. We assume that your jeans are definitely fashionable, but there are many other places where you can wear them. The appropriate clothes look like a fresh-pressed shirt and a suit for gentlemen, even a tuxedo could be put on in case of special gala concerts. For our lovely ladies it is a chance to put on an evening dress. No doubt, tourists can be forgiven if they fail to follow a dress-code – their day is full of sightseeing, but local audiences should show a good example of how a real Moscow theatre goer should look like!

2. Moscow weather does not allow its residents to reach the theatre in clean shoes. If you have no chance to bring an extra pair of shoes – you are welcome to use one of our magic shoe cleaning machines located in the closet. Our staff will always advise you where exactly they are located.

3. Don’t get stuck with your mobile phone, please! There are many beautiful places in the theatre, in which you can spend your spare time before the performance starts. Visit the cafeteria, walk through the historic part of the theatre, look at the exhibition on the second floor, take an excursion throughout the theatre – the choice is yours! The performance will start after the third call.

The entrance to the auditorium

1. The entrance to the auditorium is permitted after the first call.

2. Mind that our staff (the stewards) are at your service to show you the shortest and the most convenient way to your seats.

3. If your seats are in the middle of the row, then you get to your seats facing the seating people.

What to do if you're late

1. Do not get nervous. We know exactly what a heavy traffic and not an easy parking is in such a huge city like Moscow. Stay calm, it has already happened.

2. Turn off your mobile phones. Why is this reminder in here? It is because if you are late, you have missed the advertising about switching off your phones before the performance starts. It is also strictly prohibited to take video or photo during the performance.

3. In case the performance has already started, you should enter the auditorium only following by a steward who would politely and quietly show you your places.

During the performance

1. Try to be polite with those who would ask you to stand up in order to get to their seats.

2. Don't applaud before the show. It is appropriate to applaud before the concert to cheer up an artist, but in the theatre the performance usually starts 15 "theatre minutes" after the scheduled time.

3. Do not eat in the auditorium. For any meals, even candies, there is a cafeteria in the theatre, but a small bottle of water is allowed to be brought to the audience with you.

4. Try to refrain from talking during the performance. Even in a whisper.

5. Do not make any comments to other’s behavior. Do not spoil neither your mood, nor the other’s.

6. Your armrest is situated to the right. If you want to be at the "maximum comfort" – take the leftmost seats.

During the intermission

1. The doors of the cafeteria and all of the audience areas of the theatre are open to you. You can walk around and see everything, especially if you did not have time to do it before the show.

2. You are allowed to stay in the auditorium if you want to during the intermission. But to keep “an intrigue”, please do not enter the staff rooms.

After the performance

1. It is no need to run to the closet at the breakneck speed. Thank the performers with the applauses – it would be nice.

2. The flowers you have brought will be presented to your favorites during the bows. It is not safe for you to go up on stage independently.

3. If you want to get an autograph from a favorite artist or to be photographed with him or her, it is not necessary to look for the way to get backstage. You can bypass the theatre building and wait for an actor at the staff entrance, which is located at the Kalashny Pereulok.

Remember about your role in the theatre. K. S. Stanislavsky called the audience the "Third Creator of the Play". So create the show, but follow the rules.


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