• 2023/08/30

    On September, 9 (2023) Helikon-opera will present G. Verdi's "Aida" staged by Dmitry Bertman in the framework of the XXV Bangkok's International Festival of Dance and Music.

  • 2023/06/28

    The performance authors: stage director Dmitry Bertman, conductor Evgeny Brazhnik, set designer Igor Nezhny, costume designer Tatyana Tulubieva, lighting designer Damir Ismagilov, choreographer Edvald Smirnov, and choir conductor Evgeny Ilyin, all the soloists, choir artists, and orchestra member were able to achieve the main thing - empathy for the characters.

  • 2023/02/22

    Artistic director of the production Dmitry Bertman and stage-director Ilya Ilyin together with conductor Valery Kiryanov, set designer Rostislav Protasov, costume designer Nika Velegzhaninova and lighting designer Denis Enyukov have tried to go away from the mystical in the performance, to focus on the relationships and to convey the idea, that “Everything, which happens in the world, is created by people themselves”! 

  • 2022/09/30

    We have signed the bilateral memorandum on cooperation between Bolshoi Theatre of Belarus and Moscow musical theatre Helikon-opera! 

  • 2022/09/28

    We were preparing for this premiere with special thrill - for the first time the entire performance was given into the hands of young creators! Its аuthors – young stage-directors Korneeva Elizaveta, Dmitry Otyakovsky, Mikhail Sabelev,  Leysan Safargulova, designers Irina Sid, Elizaveta Kholmushina, Fedor Arkhipov, Maxim Greller, Natalya Blinkova, young conductor Philip Selivanov have created the real bohemian world! 

  • 2022/08/15

    On August, 15 Dmitry Bertman has announced the plans for the 33 season! 


  • 2022/06/28

    Today a grandiose event took place at the Helikon-opera theatre, for wich we have been preparing to it for a very long time – the premiere “Aida” by G. Verdi!

  • 2022/05/27

    V International competition for young opera directors “Nano-opera” has announced the names of the winners! 

  • 2022/02/15

    Helikon-opera announces the start of accepting the applications for participation in the jubilee competition “Nano-Opera”, which will take place from 22 to 28 May, 2022.

  • 2022/02/09

    Today the Shakhovskaya Hall, where the premiere took place, has become the real oasis of joy and fun! The first impressions of our spectators are “extravagant, eccentric, bright!”. And this is not by surprise, because the show was born to the people's joy, to help them to gorget about the reality at least for an hour, laugh and enjoy the great music. All this is due to the excellent work, enthusiasm and imagination of its creators!

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