Congratulations on the “Cavalleria rusticana” premiere!

Love, betrayal, revenge – eternal themes, which have always been of concern to any person. It is life as it is, and this is what exactly emodied in "Cavalleria rusticana" by P. Mascagni. Today the premiere of this stunningly beautiful opera took place in Helikon-opera! The performance authors were able to achieve the main thing - empathy for the characters.
We are thankful for everyone, who were involved in the creation of the performance - stage director Dmitry Bertman, conductor Evgeny Brazhnik, set designer Igor Nezhny, costume designer Tatyana Tulubieva, lighting designer Damir Ismagilov, choreographer Edvald Smirnov, and choir conductor Evgeny Ilyin, all the soloists, choir artists, and orchestra members!And to prolong the pleasure of musical impressions after the "Cavalleria rusticana" the theatrical cafe turned to the Italian bar, where our soloists gifted a neapolitan music programme to the audience.
The premiere took place with the support of the Department of Culture (Moscow) and Yury and Maria Shamara social initiative development foundation. 

Photo: Anton Dubrovsky







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