Congratulations on the “La Bohème” premiere!

We were preparing for this premiere with special thrill - for the first time the entire performance was given into the hands of young creators!

“La Bohème” by G. Puccini disposes to it by its plot, history, setting... However, the setting and time of action of the opera in any interpretation are in tune with modernity, because any young generation begins its life with the eternal questions - who are we, what do we want and how we can reach it? But sometimes it happens, that the generation does not want to reach something, as the “La Bohème” heroes, who live in the in a world of illusions.
Today we have witnessed the birth of the fresh view on this story. Its аuthors – young stage-directors Korneeva Elizaveta, Dmitry Otyakovsky, Mikhail Sabelev,  Leysan Safargulova, designers Irina Sid, Elizaveta Kholmushina, Fedor Arkhipov, Maxim Greller, Natalya Blinkova, young conductor Philip Selivanov, choreographer Ksenia Lisanskaya and choirmaster Evgeny Ilyin have created the real bohemian world! The friendly Helikon-opera staff helped them and the art directors of the project Dmitry Bertman and Rostislav Protassov became the mentors.

The day before premiere there was a meeting with the project team and media, where the they told about the artistic process and answered the questions.

The premeire took place with the support of the Ministry of culture of Russia and «Art-Helious». We are immensely grateful towards Metropol Hotel, Alexandr Klyachin and Monte-Carlo radio.

Photos by Irina Shymchak.






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