Cavalleria rusticana


Pietro Mascagni
One-act opera
Libretto by Giovanni Targioni-Tozzetti and Guido Menasci, adapted from the same name story by Giovanni Verga. 

Stage-director: Dmitry Bertman
Musical director, conductor: Evgeny Brazhnik
Set Designer: Igor Nezhny 
Costume Designer: Tatiana Tulubieva ​​​​
Lighting Designer: Damir Ismagilov
Choirmaster: Evgeny Ilyin
Choreographer: Edwald Smirnov

For the 1st time in Helikon-opera history there will be presented the famous verismo opera, which has initiated the new flow in the opera art – “Cavalleria rusticana” by P. Mascagni. After the composer awarded by the highest prize in the Edoardo Sonzogno competition, he became famous and the opera has conquered the world stages in his life. Only in Italy “Cavalleria rusticana” performed 14 000 times – above 21 shows per month during 55 years along. Nowadays it is staging more than 700 times per year. The opera was highly ranked by G. Verdi and P. Tchaikovsky. 

Strong characters, rapid train of events from the love serenades to bloody fights between the opponents, expressive culmination, feeling of the tragedy and dramatic final – these are the things, which are largely determined the success of the “Cavalleria rusticana”. The opera narrates about love and passion, jealousy and cheating, betrayal and regret. It’s music delights by the beauty and melodic richness, the opera themes can be heard not only at the musical theatres, but in movies and series. 

Dmitry Bertman will try to discover the secret of the Mascagni’s masterpiece: “This is the most beautiful opera. It affects all the strings of the human soul, because each of us has survived betrayal and cheating. The world became very cruel and it seems sometimes, that the story of the “Cavalleria rusticana” – the atavism, but this story takes place out of politics and out of context. That is why we transfer action to the ancient world. For example, when arriving in Rome, on these ancient walls we see contemporary shop signs and crowds of tourists. This is the new business-civilization, which is layered on the old one. The сenturies-old history of the ancient stones came to the dominance of brands. Alas, marketing has displaced everything! But we will tell about rare nowadays old-fashioned feelings, which are not affected by the marketing”.

The premiere took place with the support of the Department of Culture (Moscow) and Yury and Maria Shamara social initiative development foundation. 



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