Kalinka-Opera. A gala concert of Russian songs


Gala-concert of Russian songs

Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes 

Stage Director - Ilya Ilin
Music Director - Konstantin Chudovsky
Choir Master - Denis Kirpanev
Costume Designer - Tatiana Tulubieva
Choreographer - Edwald Smirnov

Premiere: April 10, 2009

A new concert program performed by soloists, artists of the choir and orchestra of the theatre appeared in Helikon's repertoire in March 2009. It was premiered at Al Bustan festival in Beirut (Lebanon). Then it was presented in Moscow on the occasion of the birthday of the theatre in April 2009.

Soloists and choir of Helikon-Opera with their brilliant skills and artistry so characteristic of them are creating an atmosphere of the meeting with Russian music in its most visible and understandable displays.

The program was included to Helikon-Opera's repertoire due to numerous spectators requests.

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