Back in the USSR!



A concert performance of Soviet songs
Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes (without intermission)

Artistic Director of the production  - Dmitry Bertman
Stage Director - Ilya Ilin
Musical Director - Konstantin Chudovsky
Set and Costume Designers - Igor Nezhny and Tatiana Tulubieva
Choreographer - Edwald Smirnov

Premiere: September 28, 2012

Language of performance: Russian

The name of this program was given after Paul McCartney's song, written in 1968. During the performance the audience is transferred to the "golden age" of Soviet song.

Soviet song was a real factory of people's optimism. In its world there has always been a good weather, the rain was falling only when the characters wanted it, and hapiness waited them at every turn. And, of course, all roads were opened to the young people! They simply had no one to interfere, because the villains sang rarely, they usually could be met in the stage talks.

Purely a Soviet myth? No. Similar optimism factories existed in the West. The Soviet mass song has strong genetic link with the songs of Hollywood and Broadway. After all, Broadway, and Hollywood to a great extent were created by former subjects of the Russian Empire.

Song composer Samuel Pokrass lived in the United States second half of his life, while his younger brothers Dmitry and Daniel lived and worked in the USSR. The exchange of experiences occured. After Sergei Eisenstein and Grigory Alexandrov spent three years in the United States, Soviet musical comedy was born. They had Gershwin, we had Dunayevsky. On both sides of the Atlantic writers of musicals and musical films created the illusion of total happiness (with obligatory participation of a professional arranger). But there was something else. Excellent, good, eternal things embodied in songs in the most simple and accessible way, and in a sea of ​​optimism there was a drop of sweet sorrow. That is why these songs are still sung.

Songs by Isaac Dunaevskiy, Vasily Solovyov-Sedoy, Nikita Bogoslovsky, Matthew Blanter, Boris Mokrousov, Tikhon Khrennikov, Yuri Milutin and Anatoly Lepin are performed in "Helikon-Opera"s production, and the line from Paul McCartney's song is an epigraph.


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