Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
A lyric opera with intermission
The libretto was written by Modest Tchaikovsky, and is based on the play “King René's Daughter” by Henrik Hertz.

Director: Sergey Novikov (the Laureate of the II International competition for young opera directors "Nano-opera")
Conductor: Evgeny Brazhnik
Production designers: Aleksandr Kupalyan
Costume designer: Mariya Vysotskaya
Lighting designer: Denis Enyukov
Video designer: Dmitrij Ivanchenko
Choirmaster: Evgenij Ilin

“Iolanta” – the amazing opera, filled with the mystic sense, particular dramatic effect and shine. Its philosophical content and message are relevant and in tune to any time.

In the literary basis of the opera is the historical plot. Two independent governors – René (the King of Provence) and Philip III (the Duke of Burgundy) stood against to each other the whole life.
Lost in the fight with the Antoine of Vaudémont, commander of Burgundy, René got into captivity, where he stayed for six years. Philip III allowed him to get back home only after the wedding of the eldest René’s sons on the daughters of the House of Burgundy. Moreover, the duke of Burgundy forced René to subscribe the engagement of the seven year old Iolanta. However, agreeing to these conditions, René kept silent about Iolanta’s blindness. Thus, the information about her disease became the strictly protected state secret, which could be the cause of new war between Burgundy and Lorraine, a matter of life and death of René’s sons, who are in fact remained hostages at the court of  Philip III.

The debutant stage crew of “Helikon-opera” find in the genius composer’s intention the contemporary sounding. In today's digital world the shine of gadgets plainly blinds the millions of sighted people. To stay the full person in such circumstances may only the one, who preserves the vigilance of the heart.  

The performance will be supported by St. Gregory the theologian charity foundation and ANO “Art-Helios”.



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