Eugene Onegin


Eugene Onegin
P. I. Tchaikovsky

Lyrical sketches in seven scenes
Libretto by Pyotr Tchaikovsky and Konstantin Shilovsky after the same name novel by Alexander Pushkin
Renewal of K. Stanislavsky production, 1922
Duration: 3 hours 20 minutes with two intermissions

Renewal Director Dmitry Bertman, Galina Timakova
Music Director – Vladimir Ponkin
Costume designer – Nika Velegzhaninova
Make-up Artist Elena Nalichaeva
Light Designer – Denis Enyukov
Choir master – Eugene Ilin
Choreographer  – Edwald Smirnov

Premiere – 23.12.2015
Language of performance – Russian

"Eugene Onegin" is a bestseller of the opera world stage. Several generations grew up listening to this music. It constitutes a diversity of human emotions, captured in a brilliant music artwork... It is a series of tender feelings, intertwining of fates, the bitterness of defeat and the joy of love... In short, it has everything that every single human being experiences in their life since the dawn of mankind.

A legendary performance of Stanislavsky set in 1922 got a second wind on a new stage of "Helikon-Opera". The very ancient portico of the studio apartment of Stanislavsky was moved to the Stravinsky Hall stage, and now it is the rallying point of all the passions played out by young talented actors of "Helikon-Opera".

"The famous white pillars and the empire style facade of Larin's estate, restored according to the photographs and archive materials, make a great fusion with Bertman’s own vision of the drama of Tchaikovsky and his interpretation of the play of Stanislavsky, - comments Irina Muravyeva, a music critic and a columnist for "Russian newspaper". - There are enough surprises in this remake: Helikon's "Eugene Onegin" covers both classical XIX century and the 1920s when Stanislavsky staged his plays. It is a whole new generation of young actors of “Helikon-Opera” whose energy completely captivates a spectator”.

In December series of performance a worldwide famous violinist and conductor as well as a winner of two Grammy awards Maxim Vengerov will lead the orchestra of "Helikon-Opera" for the first time.


Scene 1
The Guests’ Arrival to the Larin’s Estate

The Larin’s daughters Tatyana and Olga are singing a romance based on the text of the Zhukovsky’s poem “Pevets (The Singer”). Their mother together with nurse Filippyevna are resting, reminiscing and discussing: dead dreams are changed with a habit, which is a “substitute for happiness”. Suddenly the guests arrive: a Larin’s neighbor, who is in love with Olga, — poet Vladimir Lensky — and his friend Eugene Onegin, who has lately come from Saint-Petersburg. Lensky is passionately declaring his love to Olga, while Onegin is making a conversation with her sister. The nurse is afraid that Tatyana may fall in love with this new gentleman. 

Scene 2
The Letter

Tatyana is unable to sleep at night. She is writing a letter to Onegin, declaring her love to him, as she has read in her favorite books. The nurse is charged to give him this letter.

Scene 3
The Date

Servant girls are picking berries in the garden. Onegin, instead of replying the letter, has come himself, to Tatyana’s despair, and makes his confession to her. He doesn’t share the Tatyana’s feelings. And finally Onegin advises her: “Be able to dominate your emotions”.

Scene 4
The Larin’s Ball

All the neighboring landowners have come to visit Tatyana on her name day. The fans of dance, interrupting each other, are thanking the rota commander for the military musicians. Onegin feels boredom at the rural ball and is bothered with the landladies’ gossips. He wants to take a slight revenge to Lensky, who has brought him to the Larin’s place, and Onegin engages Olga for each dance. A French Triquet sings a verse in honour of Tatyana. Lensky is quarrelling with Onegin and finally offends him. He challenges his friend to a duel and Onegin accepts it. 

Scene 5
The Duel

Lensky and his second have arrived to the destination on time. Onegin has been very late violating the duel code; moreover he has a French servant instead of his second. But nevertheless the duel has taken place. Lensky is killed.

Scene 6
The Gremin’s Ball

On his return to Saint-Petersburg after aimless wanderings Onegin goes to a ball, but feels bored there. Suddenly he sees Tatyana who has already been the Princess Gremina, the wife of his relative and friend. Eugene is amazed with her change.
The Prince introduces Onegin to his wife. The Gremin’s family leaves the ball. 

Scene 7
The Final Scene

Onegin comes to Tatyana and declares his love to her. But this time it is she, who advises him: “Be able to dominate your emotions”.

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