Mr. Georg Ots

Mr. Georg Ots

Scriptwriter Marina Skalkina

Director: Dmitry Bertman
Musical Director and conductor: Valery Kiryanov
Production designer: Rostislav Protasov
Lighting designer: Alexey Nikolaev
Choirmaster: Evgeny Ilyin
Choreographer: Edwald Smirnov

His voice sounded in every home and drove crazy millions of listeners... Georg Ots, great singer, incredibly charming Artist, with whom people was falling in love immediately and forever, lived a short but bright life. In 2020 the world celebrates the 100-th anniversary of his birth. The first premiere of the jubilee season is dedicated to this event in “Helikon-Opera” – “Mr. Georg Ots” performance. The premiere shows are waiting for Muscovites and the guests of the capital on September 25 and 26. The world premiere will take place on the Saaremaa Opera Festival in Estonia. In the country, where the great singer lived the most time of his life.

The team of heliconians, headed by director Dmitry Bertman, is working on the production. Together with Dmitry, the images of Georg Ots and his epoch are creating by musical director Valery Kiryanov, production designer Rostislav Protasov, lighting designer Alexey Nikolaev, choirmaster Evgeny Ilyin and choreographer Edwald Smirnov. Playwriter of the performance – is a talented journalist Marina Skalkina, who specially came to Tallin in order to collect the material about the famous baritone, was meeting with his friends, and also working with archives in the Museum of Theatre and Music.

In the “Mr. Georg Ots” performance there is no the main character. Perhaps, it is possible to name time, in which Georg Ots lived and worked, as the main character, because he was not just a singer, he was the personification of time. He was not only the hero of theatre and music, he was the hero of politics, and events of the counties and time events were closely related with his life. Georg Ots has turned into the epoch's character.

“It seems to me, that it is always difficult and painful to play such a roles, because the people, who have known Georg Ots personally, are alive yet. By this reason I decided to make a performance so that no one would play Georg Ots, - explained director Dmitry Bertman. – I want him to be present in this story offscreen; the music was present, which was surrounding him, there would be present the heroes, who were next to him… In a word, so that there was his participation effect, but there would be no his visual play”.

Music, which had been surrounding Georg Ots for whole life, sounds in the performance: the arias, which he was performing so phenomenally, songer’s favourite compositions, wich has been creating his musical universe.

The main things in this performance – are love and respect to the personality of the great singer. Sincere interest in a person’s life does not turn into attempts to uncover sensational details of his personal life. Nevertheless, Mr. X, familiar to us from the childhood, will doff a mask: the little-known biography facts will help us to understand how Georg Ots, remaining a stranger among his own, has managed to become a hero of the epoque and conquer the hearts of millions.

Mystic, love, politics and the eternal fighting with the element in the genius’s life – now are on the “Helikon” stage.

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