#Jazzcafe of "Helikon" - a holiday of taste!

Moscow music theatre "Helikon-Opera" launches a new project - # Jazz cafe. The first evening with the participation of renowned pianist virtuoso Elmar Safaraliev will be held on 18th of February at the Helikon cafe Prokofiev.

Jazz evening were held in the house on the Bolshaya Nikitskaya Street in the 70s of the last century, and in the 80s one of the first in the USSR legendary "hot" jazz club All Stars was opened. There was the whole color of Soviet jazz, and the atmosphere was creative and laid-back.

The workers of the theatre revive this wonderful tradition: from now in the cafe "Prokofiev", located on the first floor of the theatre, jazz evenings with the participation of famous musicians and soloists of the theatre will be held.

The place is not chosen by chance. Cafe Prokofiev is an ideal place for those who after the performance would like to spend a pleasant evening in the company of friends at a table and listen beautiful jazz music with a glass of collection wine ... The project involves the participation of theatre partners in it who will conduct tastings of exquisite dishes in the "style" of jazz".

Only live music will sound, both as instrumental jazz compositions and vocal ones. Their participation in the project has already been confirmed by well-known jazz musicians: pianist Elmar Safaraliev and Georgian singer Tamta Tskhvitava. Each time the audience will enjoy the new program.


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