Hin und Zurück



operatic moviecollage in the buff-noir style

Based on the operas P. Hindemith "Hin und Zurück", G. Puccini "Tosca", V. Bellini "I Capuleti e i Montecchi", H. Purcell "Dido and Aeneas"
Libretto by Anton Anosov

Coproduction of the Helikon-opera and Moscow independent theatre-studio "15"

Director - Dmitry Bikbaev
Musical director - Arseniy Chernichenko
Conductor - Filipp Selivanov
Digital scenery designer - Mikhail Ershov
Lighting designer - Vladislav Aleksandrov
Choreographer - Kirill Ermolenko
Second director - Victoria Agarkova
Illustration author - Maxim Sergeev

In the part of Charlie Chaplin Sergey Mayorov


The premiere of the unique operatic special project will take place in Helikon-opera!

Have you noticed, that 02.02.2020 – is a palindrome date? This unusual day will be celebrated by Helikon in the unusual way – with a premiere of the unique show “Hin und Zurück”. Coproduction of the Helikon-opera and Moscow independent theatre-studio “15”.

The director Dmitry Bikbaev is calling the show “operatic moviecollage in the buff-noir style”. Created under the impression of homonymous opera by P. Hindemith, performance-collage “Hin und Zurück” will tell about the amazing and real story, which had happened with Charlie Chaplin.

According to the plot, Charlie Chaplin, performed by famous TV presenter and actor Sergey Mayorov, will make an effort to “reshoot” the supreme operas to not permit already known to all melomaniacs the “tragic end”.

The performance will feature music from operas “Hin und Zurück” (1927) by P. Hindemith, “Tosca” (1898) by G. Puccini, “I Capuleti e i Montecchi” (1830) by V. Bellini, “Dido and Aeneas” (1688) by H. Purcell. The young composer Arseniy Chernichenko was working on the production. Arseniy is the founder of the First Moscow Student Philharmonic and the head of the “Harmonia mundi” orchestra.

Conductor of the project Filipp Selivanov (the laureate of the international competitions and the participant of the XVIII International Winter Festival “Art Square”) has arrived from Saint-Petersburg specially to work on the show.

Ticket office +7 495 250-22-22

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