L. Weinstein

Stage-director - Ilya Ilyin
Conductor - Yalchin Adigezalov
Set Designer – Igor Nezhny 
Costume Designer – Tatiana Tulubieva 
Lighting Designer – Denis Enyukov
Video Designer - Kirill Malovichko
Choreographer - Edvald Smirnov

In the jubilee season the Helikon-opera theatre has prepared the premiere of the opera “Cinderella” by L. Weinstein, the representant of the Azerbaijan composing school, the apprentice of famous Kara Karayev.
The first night of the “Cinderella” took place in Baku on the Azerbaijan State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre’s stage in 1985. After 35 years amazing transformations and magic will be created on the Helikon-opera stage with the help of large-scale scenery and modern holographic technologies.
In the opera’s plot, composed on the legendary fairytale by Ch.Perrault, goodness and beauty win evil and hate. The hospitable Storyteller will engage viewers of all ages into the exciting game. The audience will see coming to life objects: the pumpkin will turn into a sparkling carriage, the mice - into beautiful horses, Cinderella into the princess, and each guest of the theater will be able to try on a «glass slipper».

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