The Snow Queen. Global warming.

Alexander Pokidchenko
The Snow Queen. Global warming. 

Director - Ilya Ilyin
Music Director - Alexander Pokidchenko
Production designer - Rostislav Protasov
Costume Designer – Nika Velegzhaninova 
Lighting designer - Denis Enyukov
Choreographers - Ksenia Lisanskaya
Video designer - Alexander Andronov

Duration 1 hour 30 minutes

It turns out, that “The Snow Queen” fairy tale, loved by several generations of children, has the continuation. And it is known only in Helikon-Opera theatre, where on December 28 will take place the premiere of the musical show: “The Snow Queen. Global warming”. What made the ice lady to become children’s friend and to save the grandmother of Kai and Gerda, and together with her the whole world too?
Maybe someone will be surprised, but even in the worst creature there is always a drop of kindness. And, if it will be understood, this drop could remove evil mountains. The fairytale reminds how fragile is the balance in nature. How, for the enrichment of one villain, the life on Earth can be compromised.

Scoundrel-advisor has taken the Snow Queen as a prisoner and became the monopolist of freeze, deprived children from the snow, ice cream and New year… People were gasping from the heat… Kai and Gerda set forward to rescue the iced lady in the company of friends: Prince and Princess, The Little Robber Girl, Raven and robot Hans.

The Snow Queen again became the mistress of the ice kingdom. As before, she flying in to children in winter, but now she does not scare them, but draws patterns on windows, smiles to the people and gifts them fluffy clear snow and ice cream.




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