Ferruccio Busoni 

One-act opera
Libretto of the composer in German
Scriptwriter Marina Skalkina

The premiere of the “Arlecchino” by F. Busoni is dedicated to the 100-birthday anniversary of the outstanding theatrical director, actor, professor Matvey Osherovsky

Director: Ilya Ilyin
Conductor: Filipp Selivanov
Set Designer: Igor Nezhny 
Costume Designer: Tatiana Tulubieva 
Lighting designer: Denis Enyukov
Choreographers: Danila Sitnikov, Evgeny Yushkov  

Italian composer, pianist, professor and conductor Ferruccio Busoni had created the opera “Arlecchino, oder Die Fenster” in the commedia dell’arte style in 1917, its premiere took place the same year in Zurich and was staged under the composer’s direction. Since then this opera productions can be counted on one hand. The last time in Russia was in 1977 (Samara).

In Moscow this musical rarity will appear for the first time. Together with Ilya Ilyin over the staging of the performance are working young conductor Filipp Selivanov, musical director Mikhail Egiazaryan, set and costume designers Igor Nezhny and Tatiana Tulubieva, lighting designer Denis Enyukov. Roman Aptekar, the invited actor, will perform the role of Arlecchino.

The premiere took place on October, 27 

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