Congratulations on the «L'île de Tulipatan» premiere!

Congratulations on the «L'île de Tulipatan» premiere!

Today the Shakhovskaya Hall, where the premiere took place, has become the real oasis of joy and fun!  The first trip to the sunny island, full of tulips, succeeded with glory!

The theatre turned into a spa area: the guests were invited by the cute girls from the Thai massage studio, everyone could experience the action of a Yamaguchi massage chair and immerse themselves in a relaxing atmosphere.

The first impressions of our spectators are “extravagant, eccentric, bright!”. And this is not by surprise, because the show was born to the people's joy, to help them to gorget about the reality at least for an hour, laugh and enjoy the great music. All this is due to the excellent work, enthusiasm and imagination of its creators: stage-director Ilya Ilyin, conductor Filipp Selivanov, set designer Rostislav Protasov, costume designer Nika Velegzhaninova, lighting designer: Vladislav Alexandrov, choreographer Edvald Smirnov, choirmaster Artem Davydov, scriptwriters and the russian libretto authors Marina Skalkina and Shura Nikitin.  

Funny plot-shifter about a pair of young lovers in conjunction with the light, playful music of J. Offenbach have enthralled the first spectators.







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