Congratulations on the “Aida” premiere!

Congratulations on the premiere “Aida”!  

Today a grandiose event took place at the Helikon-opera theatre, for wich we have been preparing to it for a very long time – the premiere “Aida” by G. Verdi! For the second time this wonderful opera appeared in Helikon's repertoire due to the fantastic team headed by Dmitry Bertman.
Of course, this performance was produced with love and enthusiasm by all the helikonians. So we have a phenomenal result, applause of the first grateful spectators, triumph and joy. For the first time in Russia (and maybe in the world in the intoduction was performed that "Sinfonia" (ouverture), which was composed by G. Verdi to the premiere in 1871, but had no time add to the score. It was performed by the Helikon-opera orchestra under maestro Valery Kirianov.

We are grateful to all the team of the performance: stage-director Dmitry Bertman, musical director and conductor Valery Kiryanov, set designers Tauno Kangro (Estonia) and Rostislav Protasov, costume designer Nika Velegzhaninova, lighting designer Denis Solntsev, choreographer Edvald Smirnov, choirmasterEvgeny Ilyin! 
We are also grateful to those, who has "moved" us to the Ancient Egypt: amazing Elena Mikhailenko (Aida), Ksenia Viaznikova (Amneris), Ivan Gyngazov (Radamès), Aleksey Tikhomirov (Ramphis), Alexey Isaev (Amonasro), Yulia Shcherbakova (High Priestess), Grigory Soloviov (The King of Egypt), Dmitry Khromov (A messenger), Ksenya Lisanskaya (Dancer), choir and orchestra actors, actors of the Moscow Academic Dance Theater "Gzhel".

Congratulations on the amazing premiere “Aida”! Let the new performance live long and successfully within the walls of the theatre!








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