La Traviata


La Traviata
Giuseppe Verdi
Duration: 1 hour 40 minutes

Stage Director – Dmitry Bertman
Music Director – Valery Kritskov
Set and Costume Designers – Igor Nezhny and Tatiana Tulubieva

Premiere: Novembre, 18 2006

"La Traviata" by G. Verdi is one of the best repertoire operas of the world, which can be performed in two or three theatres of the same city at once. Violetta, Alfred, George, Germon are the names, which are known to every lover of opera. There are no tenors, sopranos and baritones who are not dreaming of performing these parties. 

In "Helikon-Opera" repertoire it is already the third production of "La Traviata", and in Bertman's personal service records  it is already the 5th. The premiere was held in 2000 in Strasbourg (France), then performance was shown in USA. 

The present production is not like the one of 1995 - no soft toys and infantile heroes, but adult interpretation and hard visual solution.


The courtesan Violetta Valeri is giving a party. Alfredo Germont is among her guests. He tells her that he loves her. For the first time a deep feeling comes in Violetta’s heart.
They are living together for three months. Without Alfredo’s knowledge Violetta has been selling her property to avoid poverty. Discovering this by accident, Alfredo immediately goes away: he wants to wash off his disgrace. Meanwhile Alfredo’s father, Georgio Germont, comes to Violetta to persuade her to renounce his son. This liaison stands in the way of the forthcoming wedding of his daughter. Violetta is forced to give in, and after a brief encounter with returned Alfredo she departs, leaving a note.

Alfredo gives way to despair. Giorgio Germont tries to console his son, but the latter does not hear his father’s admonition. Alfredo, knowing that Violetta has been invited to Flora Bervoix’s party, hurries up there to revenge himself.

Flora’s party. The guests discuss a sensational news: Violetta has separated from Alfredo. Alfredo comes in. In full swing of festivities he sees Violetta together with the Baron Douphol. Alfredo beats his enemy and rival at cards. Wishing to save her beloved from a duel Violetta asks him to go away. Alfredo insists on Violetta’s coming with him, but she refuses. Alfredo flies into a rage. He insults Violetta in front of the other guests: as if paying his debt, he throws down to her his winnings at cards. Giorgio Germont reproaches his son for his doing.

Violetta is mortally ill. Even a sudden arrival of Alfredo and Giorgio Germont cannot bring her back to life. Violetta dies in the presence of inconsolable friends.

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