Big American Tour. Diary. Part 3.<br> Helikon crossed equator - half of the tour is already behind.


Big American Tour. Diary. Part 3. Helikon crossed equator - half of the tour is already behind!

For month and a half artists of "Helikon-Opera" are already furrowing the space of USA.

On the 8th of February, passing three states at a day (Massachusetts, Vermont, Maine) the troupe of the theatre arrived to Lebanon in New Hampshire state. During the tour "Helikon-Opera" passes many places that have the same name as the cities in other countries in which the theatre already performed at. We passed two Petersburgs, one Paris, Amsterdam, Monpelier and some namesake cities.

In New Hampshire we performed several times. Performances all had a great success. Public in big halls (more than 1000 seats each) always applauses upright and laughs a lot. People often go behind the stage to share their delight with artists after performances .

On the 11th of April we arrived to Concord. The real snowfall met us there. It was also interesting to hear about unprecedented snowfalls in Boston and its outskirts. For us it was a usual Russian winter. Our lads were playing snowballs, Vladimir Bolotin and Sergey Braga built a snowman. Some managed to go for an excursion to the capital of the state, the city of Boston.

Greetings from Dmitry Ponomarev

The snowman of Vladimir Bolotin and Sergey Braga reminds Cheburashka, our Olympic symbol in Torino

After the performance on 12th February Olga Orlovskaya organized a party for the reason of her premiere in Adel's part and her first tour with "Helikon-Opera". Everybody danced and sang a lot, proposed toasts for Dmitry Bertman and for everybody who stayed in distant Moscow.

On the 14th February helikon people came to Massachusetts. This is a symbolic place. Six years ago "Helikon-Opera" performed "The Queen of Spades" at Massachusetts International Festival of the Arts. Many artists remembered the city of Northhampton and were happy to see it again.

On the 16th February in Connecticut we congratulated Elizaveta Serysheva, artist of the choir, with her birthday and on the 17th February we were already in New York.

On the 20th February, the day off, all artists went for an excursion to New York. This was an unforgettable day for everyone. We strolled in groups along the streets in the sunny warm weather. The routes were similar - Empire State Building, the highest point of the city, Central Park, Broadway, Statue of Liberty, place of tragedy of 11th September - there where the towers stood the two rays of light are rocketing the sky every evening.

The walk around New York

The view from Empire State Building

That day the guest artists "crossed equator" - half of the Big American Tour was behind! Everyone was touched by the trip. Artists received a lot of pleasant impressions.

Next day a big part of the troupe went to New York to Sergey Rakhmaninov's grave and some visited "Romeo and Juliet" performance in "Metropolitan-Opera".

Denis Kirpanev at S. Rakhmaninov's grave



Broadway at night

On the 22nd February the troupe went to Buffalo, which is situated at the border of USA and Canada.

23rd February was a day-off again and our American partners presentes us a trip to Niagara Falls. The view to the imposing work of nature amazed everyone.

Niagara Falls



Helikon people are happy with the excursion

That day the gentle part of the "Helikon-Opera" congratulated men with their holiday, The Day of the Motherland Defender. Female artists of the orchestra started to congratulate their colleagues in the bus on the way to the Falls. And the bus, in which artists travel, was decorated with the balls in Russian flag colours, and in the foyer of the hotel there was a real show in the evening!!!

Solists and artists of the choir, headed by Svetlana Rossiyskaya, held a solemn ceremony. All men were ordained into warriors, received gold medals and field caps. The patriotic songs were sang. The greeting from the beloved ones who stayed in Moscow were delivered.

Yekaterina Oblezova in a costume of "typical American man" and Ksenia Viaznikova as her interpreter organized  "a show with pop-corn". After the show all men were invited to another hall, where the traditional Russian products - vodka, pickled cucumbers, crout, herring and real soldier's kasha were served. The most amazing thing was that our girls pickled cucumbers and made the cabbage sour in the intervals between the performances. IT WAS REALLY TASTY!!!

Original greeting from Yekaterina Oblezova and Ksenia Viaznikova



Soldiers are ready for the feast!

After dinner we played forfeits, exchanged presents, danced and talked near cosy fireplace.

On the 24th February the big hall of the BuffaloArts Centre (2500 seats) was overloaded. This day Yulia Korpacheva, Dmitry Ponomarev, Sergey Braga, Anna Grechishkina, Igor Tarasov, Svetlana Rossiyskaya, Nikolay Galin, Mikhail Seryshev, Elena Guschina, and our irreplaceble Mikhail Liakhov and Matvey Matveyev (artists of Kaliningrad musical theatre "Na Basseynoy"). The success was stunning! Ovation was upright for 20 minutes!

Today on 25th February, after tiresome journey to  the city of Columbus, the capital of Ohio state, there was another performance. A beautiful theatre, bulit in 1893, was full as usually. That day Yekaterina Oblezova, Anatoly Ponomarev. Olga Orlovskaya, Vladimir Bolotin, Sergey Kostiuk, Elena Guschina, Nikolay Galin, Mikhail Seryshev, Ksenia Viaznikova and again our clowns Mikhail Liahov and Matvey Matveyev were on stage. And again we performed with success!

There are 20 performances, 1 gala-concert and a month of travelling through USA is ahead us.

Big american tour continues!


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Photos by Nikolay Galin, Vladimir Gorokhov, Filipp Ishkhanov

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