"Helikon-Opera" tour to Ivanovo


"Helikon-Opera" tour to Ivanovo

From 22nd till 24th October "Helikon-Opera" came to Ivanovo (Russia). N. A. Rimsky-Korsakov's opera "The Tsar's Bride" opened the XVIIth regional festival of arts. Before the beginning of the performance Olga Khasbulatova, the deputy head of Ivanovo region, welcomed theatre and gave memorable presents. Official "Helikon" greeting was said by conductor Evgeniy Brazhnik

Ivanovo's public warmly received the performance, estimating the true worth of the professional work of the friendly theatre team: the full hall rose in applause after the performance, not letting the artists to leave the stage.

The parts were performed by Honoured Artists of Russia Andrey Vylegzhanin (Grigory Grisnoy), Marina Andreeva (Marfa), Anatoly Ponomarev (Bomelius), soloists Ksenia Viaznikova (Liubasha), Vasily Efimov (Lykov/first performing  of the part), Antonina Zavarzina (Duniasha), Alexey Tikhomirov (Sobakin), Andrey Serov (Maluta Skuratov), Maria Maskhulia (Saburova), Dmitry Kalin (Tsar's Stoker) and other artists. 



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