Art-Club of "Econika" company is a guest in "Helikon-Opera"


"Econika" company's Art Club is a guest in "Helikon-Opera"

On the 7th September an evening of "Econika" company's Art-club was held in "Helikon-Opera". The leadership of a company has chosen "Les Dialogues des Carmelites" by F. Poulenc (People's Artist of Russia Dmitry Bertman's production) for the viewing and further discussion.

Before the beginning of the evening the guests were communicating in the foyer of the theatre, where string quartet of "Helikon-Opera" was playing the light music. After the performance Ekaterina Ufimtseva, the presenter, opened the meeting of the club. She told that members of the club constantly become acquainted with different theatrical productions, but opera is still a mystetious action for them, it requires explanations. She invited Dmitry Bertman, Artistic Director of "Helikon-Opera",  to the microphone.  He told about the peculiarities, main ideas and actual themes, which are touched in the performance.

People's Artist of Russia Natalia Zagorinskaya, Honoured Artists of Russia Larisa Kostiuk, Sergey Yakovlev, as well as Anna Grechishkina, Maria Maskhulia, Nikolay Dorozhkin - the stars that were engaged in the performance, entered the stage together with Dmitry Bertman. The guests could communicate with the director and soloists in informal atmosphere and ask them questions about the interesting moments of work in a theatre. Under the request and by the great joy of spectators Larisa Kostiuk and Nikolay Dorozhkin performed the best-known "Segidilia" from "Carmen" by J. Bizet.

Andrew Iliopulo, the president of "Econika" corporation, who took the floor afterwards, thanked "Helikon-Opera" and Dmitry Bertman for hearty welcome and toasted for flourishing of the theatre and for the talent of its Artistic Director.  He also presented an original theatre mask to Dmitry Bertman.



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