The ballet with singing
Texts – Bertolt Brecht

Russian texts – Svyatoslav Gorodetsky
Music supervisor and conductor – Valery Kirianov
Designer – Rostislav Protasov
Light designer – Denis Enyukov
Choreographer – Edwald Smirnov

In May 2017 Helikon-Opera presents the premiere of the season, that of SEVEN DEADLY SINS (DIE SIEBEN TODSUNDEN) by KURT  WEILL. The unique ballet with singing, totally made of  ZONGS, was composed by Weill together with his friend Bertold Brecht in 1933, in the middle of great depression in the U.S.A. (That is Kurt Weill, who introduced this German-English word “ZONG” in all the world language.)

The legendary German composer is mostly famous for his “Threepenny Opera”, but in fact the list of his compositions is huge. His music pieces created together with Bertold Brecht even now are in the world repertory. “Die Sieben Todsunden” is know in Russia as a ballet realized by the famous Pina Bausch, who brought this ballet to Moscow performed by her “Wuppertal” in 1989.

It was not by the occasion that Ilia Ilin, the stage director, made up his mind to stage “Die Sieben Todsunden”. “We used to discuss this with Valery Kirianov, the conductor, it was he who opened this music to me, and I am really happy that we can work over it now together, - tells the stage director, - This music fits Helikon very much, it is meaningful, expressive, psychological. The main heroine is an American girl, whose family lives in Louisiana and dreams of building their own house. Anna and her sister are travelling along seven cities within seven years and in each city they learn some definite sin (sloth, pride, anger, gluttony, lust, avarice, envy). Anna is permanently talking to her sister, who does not exist in reality, she is just Anna’s alter ego. The personality of the heroine is dual, there is a permanent fight inside her. In our production there will be two Annas, the one singing and the one dancing, but both Annas are the two sides of one soul.”


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