2 hours 40 minutes with one intermission
Opera in three acts
Libretto by G. Adami and R. Simoni 

"Turandot" is the final opera of the great Giacomo Puccini, his last dive into the exotic world of the East, Chinese and Siamese captivating aromas, spicy harmonies and intricate rhythms.

Premiere of "Turandot" in Helikon-Opera will be held within the framework of the largest international project "Eurasian Opera" in the history of the theater. The performance combines the best artistic achievements of the world culture and modernity: the richness of colors and tones of Puccini’s score, grandeur and luxury of the east in the scenery and costumes by Camellia Koo, the original production of Dmitry Bertman, vocal art of Helikon-Opera soloists. The famous American Thomas Hase, who designed many musicals on Broadway and performances in the largest theaters in the US and Canada, is working on the light design. Musical Director is the outstanding Russian conductor Vladimir Fedoseyev. 

The project is supported by the Russian Federation Ministry of Culture and Moscow Department of Culture.

DIRECTOR: Dmitry Bertman
DESIGNER: Camellia Koo

Act I

Mandarin proclaims that the Princess Turandot will become the wife of the Prince able to guess her three riddles, and the one who is mistaken will lose his head. On rising of the moon the crowd is waiting for the execution of the unfortunate Prince of Persia. In the mess suddenly a long-lost exiles face each other, they are the deposed Tartar king, Timur, accompanied by a faithful slave girl Liu, and his son, Prince Calàf. Turandot appears. Beauty of the Princess captivates Calaf. As a sign of determination to win her hand the Prince thrice strikes the Gong.
Three Ministers — Ping, Pong, and Pang lament the fate of China and its fate. The country knows no peace for the long time because of Turandot, who hates all men. The Emperor Altoum does not want to see the death of another young man, but Calaf demands to start the test. Even the threats of Turandot cannot stop him. Calaf guesses the three riddles. The Princess begs her father not to give her to a stranger, but the Emperor is bound by the sacred oath. Calaf is determined to win the love of a proud Princess and gives the word: if Turandot learns his name before sunrise, he is ready to die.
Act II
No one in Beijing is asleep. Turandot has ordered to find out the name of a stranger before morning starts. The guards seize Timur and Liu, who have talked with an unknown one the day before. Trying to save Timur from torture, Liù declares: she is the only one who knows the name, but she will keep the secret as she loves the Prince a lot. Liu kills herself. The crowd joins Timur, mourning her death. Calaf and Turandot face each other for the first time…

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