Johann Sebastian Bach 
Libretto by Pikander
Stage Director – Oleg Ilin
Musical Director – Valery Kritskov
Playing time – 40 minutes
Set and Costume Designers –
 Igor Nezhny and Tatiana Tulubieva
Premiere: February 25, 1997

A bewitching action of making fragrant coffee is accompanied with fanciful opera dialogue about almost incomparable charm of this drink, about its advantages before life’s other pleasures like kisses, sweets and other. The joy that the cup of coffee can bring to young lady can be compared only with the happiness of marriage, such is the simple idea of this facetious opera written more than 250 years ago by Johann Sebastian Bach, the chanter of St. Thomas church then. The cantata is also attractive, because the spectators are given cups with just made coffee, which can sweeten not only a soul, but a sinful body too.

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