"Kaschey The Immortal" in "Helikon in Arbat"


"Kaschey The Immortal" in "Helikon in Arbat"

"Kaschey The Immortal" took part in "Helikon in Arbat" on 17th, 18th and 19th of February. It is the first performance, played by "Helikon-Opera" on a new stage. Despite the numerous difficulties, the opening of the venue came off with grace.

Soloists of the theatre Nikolay Dorozhkin, honoured artist of Russia Elena Ionova, Marina Kalinina, Elena Kachura, Alexander Kiselev (first performing of Burya-Bogatyr'-Veter), honoured artist of Russia Larisa Kostiuk, Oles' Paritskiy, Igor Sirotkin, Dmitry Skorikov splendidly performed their parts. The hall was full of spectators.  

Kaschey - Igor Sirotkin, Tsarevna  - honoured artist of Russia Elena Kachura

Ivan-Korolevich - Oles' Paritskiy, Kascheyevna - honoured artist of Russia Larisa Kostiuk

After the performance the festive buffet was served in the theatre cafe, and the artistic director of "Helikon-Opera" thanked all Helikon people for the well-done job.

Helikon people in the cafe

Dmitry Bertman greets everybody


The fuss of the move to another building is already behind and day by day our building in Novy Arbat is becoming more beautiful and cosy both for workers of the theatre and the spectators.

ATTENTION! On 2nd of April "Kaschey The Immortal" performance will take place at 14.00! 


Foyer of the "Helikon in Arbat" before the performance

New stars are being lighted in "Helikon"

Kaschey - Nikolay Dorozhkin

Tsarevna - Marina Kalinina

Ivan-Korolevich - Oles' Paritski

Kacheyevna - honoured artist of Russia Larisa Kostiuk

Ivan-Korolevich - Oles' Paritski

Kaschey - Nikolay Dorozhkin, Tsarevna - Marina Kalinina

Scene from the performance


Ivan-Korolevich - Oles' Paritski, Kascheyevna - Larisa Kostiuk

Ivan-Korolevich - Oles' Paritski, Tsarevna - Marina Kalinina

The Storm Knight - Dmitry Skorikov, Tsarevna - honoured artist of Russia Elena Kachura

Final scene from the performance

Grateful spectators

Artists are happy, the performance went very well


Photos by Oleg Nachinkin

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