«Дон Паскуале» для МГУ


"Don Pascuale" for Moscow State University

On 27th January in "Helikon-Opera" a special performance of "Don Pascuale" for the students and lecturers of the philosophic faculty of Moscow State University (MSU) was held in "Helikon-Opera".

Among the guests of the theatre was professor Vladimir Mironov, vice-rector of MSU, the dean of the faculty.

All spectators, both students and professors warmly greeted the performance of the soloists Julia Arsentieva (Norina), Dmitry Skorikov (Don Pascuale), Oles Paritskiy (Malatesta) and debutant Vasiliy Efimov (Ernesto). After viewing the performance the guests was offered a buffet in the theatre lounge where they could discuss the play and communicate with each other.

It's not the first time when Moscow State University organizes visits to Helikon performances for students and lecturers. We hope that warm and friendly relations between the theatre and MSU will stay the same in future.


Norina - Julia Arsentieva, Pascuale- Dmitry Skorikov



Scene from the performance

Don Pascuale - Dmitry SKorikov

Viktoria Pavlova, director of "Helikon-Opera"; Vladimir Mironov, vice-rector of MSU and dean of the philosophical faculty and deputy of the dean Boris Kochetov after seeing the performance

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