A recital of Elena Ionova


Творческий вечер Елены Ионовой

On the 3rd of April a recital of Elena Ionova, a soloist of our theatre and Moscow operetta theatre, took place in "Helikon-Opera". A recital was devoted to singer's jubilee. Friends and colleagues came to congratulate Elena, among them were People's Artists of Russia Tatiana Shmyga and Vladimir Zeldin, People's Artist of Russia Gerard Vasiliev, Honoured Artists of Russia Alexey Volkov, Vadim Zaplechny and Leonid Serebrennikov, as well as Gayane Apetyan, Maria Vlasova, Tatiana Orobinaksya, Viktoria Smirnova, Mikhail Davydov, Aleksey Derendyaev,  Stanislav Shvets. The presenters were Natalia Dychenko and Ditry Shumeyko.

The party went in friendly atmosphere. Elena sang several excerpts from famous arias and operettas, among them were Lisa's aria from "The Queen of Spades" by P. I. Tchaikovski, which artist sang for the first time ever, as a "present for herself" as she confessed. The guests also sang different arias, romances and songs, many in duet with Elena Ionova. Warm words and greetings were addressed to the soloist for the whole evening. The bouquets handed to Elena were outnumbered.

Elena Ionova and Gerard Vasiliev have just performed a duet of Theodora and Mr X from "Die Zirkusprinzessin" by I. Kalman

Elena Ionova performs Lisa's aria

Duet of Carmen and Jose. Elena Ionova and Mikhail Davydov


Duet of Lisa and Herman. Vadim Zaplechny and Elena Ionova. By the way, Vadim also celebrated his birthday on the 3rd of April. Congratulations!

The presenters Dmitry Shumejko and Natalia Dychenko

Stanislav Shvets

Viktoria Smirnova and Alexey Derendyaev performs tango...

...accompanied by Alexey Volkov and Maria Vlasova

Tatiana Shmyga and Elena Ionova

Vladimir Zeldin

Leonid Serebrennikov and Elena Ionova

The unusual auction took place during the concert. A bottle of Dom Perignon champaigne was the lot. The right to drink bruderschaft with soloist was won by... Elena's husband

Dmitry Shumeyko

Elena Ionova is listening to a romance, devoted to her

Applause from the colleagues of Moscow operetta theatre and others participants of the concert

Photos by Svetlana Gorodova
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