"Helikon-Opera" returned from its Lebanese tour


Helikon-Opera came back from Lebanon

The tour of Helikon has been taking place in Lebanon from the 10th of February up to the 18th of February. The theatre performed at the Al Bustan Festival in Beirut, the capital of Lebanon, for the tenth time. This year our Lebanese fans saw The Tsar’s Bride performance.

Beirut as usual met the troupe with warm weather and wonderful atmosphere, created by the organizers of the Festival. During the first four days of the tour the troupe took a rest walking around the Hotel Al Bustan and visiting a host of shops, digressing, not for a long time, breakfasts, dinners and suppers at splendid restaurants of five stars hotel. Neither thunderstorms that came from the side of the Mediterranean Sea, nor earthquakes that twice stirred up the upper Beirut, could sadden a rest.

The performances of The Tsar’s Bride were carried on the 15th, 16th and 17th of March. All the three days the audience traditionally extended a warm welcome to the troupe from Russia namely the Honoured Artists of Russia Marina Andreeva, Andrey Vylegzhanin, Larisa Kostyuk, Ksenia Vyaznikova, who being in Lebanon received the news that she had been given a title of the Honoured Artist of Russia, Marina Karpechenko – who performed Saburova for the first time, Ekaterina Oblezova, Nikolay Dorozhkin, the soloists of the theatre Petro Morozov, Elena Semenova, Dmitry Skorikov, Alexander Kiselev, Yury Ustyugov, the chorus and the orchestra of Helikon and the conductor Evgeny Brazhnik, the People’s Artist of Russia.

The performances were carried successfully. Now the eleventh tour to Lebanon in 2009 with the organizers of the Al Bustan Festival is discussed.

The playbill of the festival

Dmitry Bertman and the hostess of the festival Mirna Bustani

Festive dinner at Al Bustan Hotel

People's Artist of Russia Eugeniy Brazhnik and Honoured Artist of Russia Ksenia Viaznikova

Dmitry Bertman puts his signature to the souvenir dolls, brought from Moscow


Scene from a performance

Saburova - Honoured Artist of Russia Marina Karpechenko,  Sobakin - Alexander Kiselev




Marfa - Honoured Artist of Russia Marina Andreyeva

Memory photo


Photos by Vladimir Gorokhov and Denis Eniukov


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