New Year is worth to celebrate with the chorus


New Year is worth to celebrate with the chorus!

On the 10th of January a traditional New Year party of chorus artists was held in Helikon in Nikitskaya. As usually the party was interesting, full of surprises and fun. Ilya Ilin, Alexey Solomatin, Andrey Palamarchuk, Olga Zhilina, Alla Alimova and Dmitry Kalin prepared a bright show about the struggle of Good and Evil. The good, of course, won and all participants, singing a song about a Christmas tree, went to the banquet room. 

The contest for the best New Year costume was held while toasting, singing and dancing. Mikhail Laverov won the 1st place with his "Baba Yaga in her cottage on hen's legs". Alexey Vertogradov who posed as mummy was granted 2nd. "The Saints" trio of Maria Liepa-Schultz, her husband Dmitry Perfiliev and little daughter Masha, won the third place.

Organizers of the event deliver their greatest thanks to light masters Alexander Nilov and Alexey Nikolayev for help and support!

Here's the photoreport about the event.

Artem Davydov as "Bath house attendant", Kristina Bokovina as "The Gypsy" and Elena Buynova as "Marylin Monroe"


The Pretend Snegurochka Olga Zhilina

Denis Kirpanev as "DJ World Ocean "

"The Saints" trio of Maria Liepa-Schultz, her husband Dmitry Perfiliev and little daughter Masha

English queen Anastasia Bogatyreva with Russian Vassily the alky (Valery Kiryanov) with Andrey Orekhov making a dead-set at them

Svetlana Tikhomirova as "Ak-Bars" hockey player



Denis Tuseev as "gastarbeiter"

Alla Ocheretner as "Geisha"; Irina Fisunova is wearing a mask

Jeanna, a spouse of Alexey Vertogradov, is trying to enlive the mummy, played by her husband

General's couple of the Astafurovs

"Baba Yaga" Ilia Ilin is toasting near his wife "Marylin Monroe" (Elena Buynova)

Ded Moroz Dmitry Kalin with his wife Natalia Filatova, Denis Kirpanev, Marina Gorokhova and Anna Filatova


Mikhail Laverov, the most charming and pretty "Baba Yaga" of Helikon



Photos by Vladimir Gorokhov

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