Sequoia Credit Consolidation birthday party in "Helikon-Opera"


Festive party of Sequoia Credit Consolidation company

On the 15th of October Sequoia Credit Consolidation company celebrated its birthday in "Helikon-Opera" in Nikitskaya street.

Artists dressed in colourful costumes from J. F. Lampe's "Pyramus and Thisbe" opera were meeting the guests in the front staircase. As the company's birthday fell on the middle of the autumn, the ancient mansion in Nikitskaya was decorated by the autumn leaves and bright baloons, and in the walls autumn paintings were hanging. Classical music was performed by string quartet, the quests were treated with coctails.

The program of the concert consisted of popular arias performed by soloists of "Helikon-Opera" Honoured Artist of Russia Marina Andreyeva, Elena Ionova, Larisa Kostiuk, Ekaterina Oblezova, Andrey Vylegzhanin, Vadim Zaplechny, Igor Tarasov and young soloist Irina Samoilova. It was a bright exciting acting with champagne, dancing and interactive communication with the spectators.

Here's the photo report about this event.


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