“Rita” moved into the Big Hall


“Rita” moved into the Big Hall

On the 17th and 18th of March the new production of the 16th season “Rita, or to love as Russians” (Café of Helikon-Opera) was held with success in ‘Helikon in Arbat’. It was quite difficult task to Alexander Borodovski to carry the staging of Opera Café, where the performance was put on behind the spectators, out to the stage of the Big Hall. To keep the interactive performance the orchestra and some tables of Café were transferred to the stage, so the spectators could take part in action and taste a pizza. In spite of everything it made performance keep its vivacity and cheerfulness, which spectators loved so much, when the performance was held at Opera Café in Nikitskaya.

Welcome to the new home, "Rita"!

Rita - Honoured artist of Russia Tatiana Kuindji

Rita and a spectator

Beppe - Igor Sirotkin, Gasparo - Mikhail Nikanorov, Rita - Tatiana Kuindji

Orchestra of "Helikon-Opera"


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