How I spent-summer-2006. Viacheslav Starodubtsev


"How I spent summer-2006". Viacheslav Starodubtsev

This year we continue "How I spent summer" column. A young RATI graduate, an actor of the First studio of "Helikon-Opera" Viacheslav Starodubtsev shared his impression from the journey to Egypt.

"Egypt is a mysterious country of pyramids and pharaons. The country of contrasts, where the monotony of the desert changes into the most beautiful sea on Earth, the Red sea, as well as into rich green of oasises, where the harvest is gathered several times per year. The luxury of Tutankhamon's gold adjoins the primitive simplicity of Bedouins hovels. Here the baking sun makes your consciousness to obliterate the border betweenthe mysteries of ancient civilization and modern colouring of Arabian world. Only here, climbing the Moses mountain, with every step you are a participant of the Old Testament events. Egypt is a country of my childhood dreams and I am going to return there someday…"

The pyramids

WIth friends

The best Bedouin is the stone Bedouin




After diving into the Red sea

Ostrichs are the best friends of tourists




All holiday is like that

The sunset on Sinai


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