"Mal'chishnik" in "Helikon-Opera". Photoreview


"Mal'chishnik" in "Helikon-Opera". Photoreview

On the 8th of March, on International Women's Day, "Mal'chishnik" was held in "Helikon-Opera". Only men were on stage. And beautiful women were in auditorium, because this concert was devoted to them.

Spectatresses were happy, of course. Be sure. When there are so many handsome men are on stage sing opera hits, in beautiful costumes, with humour play scenes from famous operas... Well, what else to say, we offer to your attention photoreview from this unusual event:

Vasiliy Efimov and Andrey Serov

Mikhail Nikanorov and Mikhail Guzhov

Dmitry Ovchinnikov (in centre) and artists of the choir

David Gvinianidze and Mikhail Davydov

Dmitry Ovchinnikov

Dmitry Ovchinnikov and Nikolay Dorozhkin

Vasily Efimov and Nikolay Dorozhkin





Dmitry Skorikov

Vasily Efimov and Nikolay Dorozhkin

Andrey Vylegzhanin and Mikhail Davydov





Andrey Vylegzhanin and mannequin

Toast for beautiful women


Photos by Oleg Nachinkin

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