Congratulations on the “Arlecchino” premiere!

Congratulations on the premiere of the opera “Arlecchino” F. Busoni!

For the first time in Moscow the unique opera “Arlecchino” by the Italian composer F. Busoni was presented. We have prepared the premiere in the hardest conditions! And in spite of 25% seats sold due to the covid19 restrictions, we have fully felt the audience’s love and support!

Stage director - Ilya Ilyin, director, conductor - Filipp Selivanov, set designer - Igor Nezhny, costume designer - Tatiana Tulubieva. lighting designer - Denis Enyukov, choreographers - Danila Sitnikov, Evgeny Yushkov

Поздравляем с премьерой и благодарим также наших феноменальных музыкантов оркестра и всех, кто был задействован в ее подготовке!

The opera “Arlechino” as the mirror has reflected today’s world with its vices and provocations. And if famous Arlecchino is the hero of the commedia dell’ arte is the XVII’s character, the helikonian Arlecchino is the character of the 21st century with its talk-show, batten lights, camera flashes and live standups in the studio.

The premiere of the “Arlecchino” by F. Busoni was dedicated to the 100-birthday anniversary of the outstanding theatrical director, actor, professor Matvey Osherovsky.

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