The FIRST PREMIERE of the 29TH SEASON is "The Magic Flute" (Die Zauberflöte) by W. A. MOZART

The first premiere of the 29th season -  Die Zauberflöte”  by Mozart – is awaiting the Muskovites and Moscow  guests  in "Helikon-Opera" from the 14th  to 18th of  November, 2018.

Die Zauberflöte  (1791) was the last opera Mozart saw on stage. It has become one of the most famous and performed operas of the world repertoire. Why do we love Die Zauberflöte  that  much? Why is it endlessly staged around the world, despite the dizzying arias and a huge number of stage versions?

Probably because this opera is about the most valuable thing in life – about love? To go through all the trials, to preserve and increase love – isn’t it the most beautiful thing that can be glorified by  Genius? A romantic fairy tale with a deep philosophical meaning has an irresistible magic for the stage directors, because, created by Mozart regardless to age restrictions (hardly Mozart thought, 16+ or 6+ will be printed  on his posters), it is understandable and sweet for both children and adults.

That is why “Helikon-Opera” has prepared two different versions of Mozart's masterpiece: for both the adults and the children. To participate in the production of Die Zauberflöte”  the Chief Architect of Moscow Sergey Kuznetsov has been invited (this will be his debut as an artist-director of the production) and the architect, Head of the Bureau “Planet 9” Agniya Sterligova will join him. The production team consists of  a young talented stage director Ilya Ilyin, chief conductor of " Helikon-Opera " Valery Kiryanov, a light designer Denis Enyukov, a famous designer, sculptor and performer Sasha Frolova, a costume designer, a video artist Alexander Andronov, a choreographer Alexander Agafonov.

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