Siberian passions in Helikon-Opera

"Helikon-Opera" invites you to "Siberia"! Melodramatic story with a tragic ending which unfolds in the vast of Siberian taiga, will touch the heart and soul of each and every spectator.

Surprisingly, the opera "Siberia", created by Italian verismo composer - Umberto Giordano at the beginning of the twentieth century, was not performed in Russia for more than a century. In 2006 on the temporary stage on Novy Arbat welcomes the premiere of the "Siberia", directed by Dmitry Bertman became an opera sensation. Now spectators will see it for the first time on the cutting-edge stage of the Stravinsky Hall.

"Siberia" is often called the "Russian "La Traviata". This is a real melodrama with a tragic ending – the story of a courtesan who went to prison after her lover and died while trying to escape. Luigi Illica based his libretto on the works of Dostoevsky and Tolstoy. Giordano, as well as many other composers writing on a foreign topic, used a pastiche of national melodies, and waved to the opera cloth the Song of the Volga Boatmen "Hey, uhnem!", and "God save the Tsar", and even the sounds of the balalaika.

According to the stage director of "Siberia" Dmitry Bertman, "this performance shows the tragedy, that is why there is no place for the irony... Our mentality has a direct bearing to love: because the way Russians can love, revenge or hate, no one in any country can’t. We always go to extremes. So our love is often destructive, and can become a jail for both lovers. My performance is about this - the Russian mentality, connected with the fact that we live in a cold country with a warm heart".

The conductor is Damian Iorio (Italy – UK), already successfully performed in Helikon-Opera.

"Siberia" is waiting for you in "Helikon-Opera" on the 3d, 4th of March at 19.00 (7 p.m.) and on the 5th of March at 16.00 (4 p.m.)


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