Artistic images of Lyudmila Gurchenko

From the 23rd of March  to the 3rd of April the audience of Helikon-opera theater will get acquainted with an exposition of suits and accessories of the great actress. The brilliant artistic images created by Lyudmila Gurchenko in a shot and on the scenic platform remained in memory of millions people. Bright identity, unique talent and original style always drew the closest attention to the actress.

Lyudmila Markovna herself created her costume ensembles. Some dresses can be seen at our exhibition "Artistic Images of Lyudmila Gurchenko". The feature of this exposition is that the majority of dresses are decorated or remade manually by the actress, "on live": the design and the decor often gathered with an usual thread and a needle, with application of ancient decorative inserts.

At this exhibition there will be presented works of the fashion artist Valentin Yudashkin: a scenic suit in golden tone, a hat with  form of a kokoshnik and shoes in which Lyudmila Markovna performed at one of concerts in Israel; a scenic dress made in  French guipure of beige tone with rich decorative finishing by beads, bugles and a feather, and also shoes with a flower decor – in this dress the actress participated in a traditional spring fashion show of Yudashkin.

One more exhibit – the scenic dress of black tone with a bustle and decorative inserts created by Leonid Gurevich and a hat from a black velvet with feathers – Lyudmila Markovna's suit to the performance "Sabinyaninov's Kidnapping".

Among dresses – Lyudmila Gurchenko's dress in which she was on Anniversary evening in honor of Eldar Ryazanov's 80 anniversary – this party was directed by Dmitry Bertman and has taken place with active participation of actors of Helikon-opera; a suit to the movie "My sailor", a dress for a photoshoot of the artist Aslan Akhmadov and Roberto Cavalli's dress with inserts in modernist style and fragments of the Indian embroidery – in him the actress performed at the concerts in the last years of life.

The collection of dresses will be added by photographs and refined accessories of the actress.

The exposition will take place in the Pokrovsky hall of Helikon-opera theater: Moscow, Bolshaya Nikitskaya St., 19/16. The exhibition is available to the audience who has bought tickets for performances of theater and visitors of sightseeing tours.

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