"Major-minor centralism" of Vika Begalskaya

The cycle of expositions prepared by the pop/off/art gallery with the Moscow music theater "Helikon-Opera" under Dmitry Bertman will be continued by the major-minor centralism exhibition of Vika Begalskaya. The exhibition starts on the 2nd of March, 2016 and will last to the 4th of April, 2016 in the Sergey Zimin Foyer.

New abstract works of the artist will be for the first time presented in the foyer of the historical building of the theater. The unlimited freedom, promoted by Vika Begalskaya in her painting, is especially shown in the plotlessness of her abstract works. Everything that is necessary for her, she solves by the colors with which everything becomes more rich, more intensive in influence, more decorative and as it isn't paradoxical – more modern. Her paintings are implanted in one of modernist traditions: Begalskaya is an expressionist. In her pictures one can find everything that stood behind this concept throughout the XX century from the formal point of view: the shouting bright paints, contrasts, the pastose texture. Today Begalskaya is realized like one of the few artists who makes successful searching into the new current of art  – truly alive.

VikaBegalskaya was born in Kharkov. Since 2000 she lives and works in Moscow. Identifies herself as an artist, working with the most different media: from video up to performance. Since 2003 Begalskaya is seriously engaged in painting, creating the bright and expressive works. Since 2007 she cooperates with the pop/off/art gallery.

The project of gallery and "Helikon-Opera" is a unique experience in the world of theatre. Since 2015 in the space of the theatre there was a lot of exhibitions of famous authors, closely connected with the music and production images which could be seen by the  audience on the theatre stage.



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