What is necessary for the miracle?" – artistic evening of Valentina Talyzina

At the Helikon -Opera theater there starts the project “Queens of the Stage” – a cycle of artistic meetings with the stars of the theater and cinema, the opera divas, insigne figures of the art. The place of meetings – the White-columned hall of the princess of Shakhovskaya where the main characters of the project will embody the long ideas and dreams which still didn't come true owing to different circumstances and turns of destiny on stage.

The first participant of the project Queens of the Stage becomes the legendary actress, the Honored  of Russia Valentina Talyzina who played in her artistic life one hundred of roles. To the modern viewer Valentina Illarionovna is known according to the series "Soldiers", "Dostoyevsky", "Healing by Love", "Leningrad" and others. She is remembered as Alevtina from the movie "Zigzag of Luck " and the assistant in "Old men robbers". With Valentina Talyzina's voice spoke Barbara Brylska in the movie "The Irony of Fate” and mother of Uncle Fiodor in the animated film "Three from Prostokvashino".

According to Valentina Illarionovna, in the roles she always tried "to come nearer to the facts of life", but she was never afraid to be funny and ridiculous. When she is called “the master of comedy”, she answers that she is proud of it, and adds: "the comedy is always different – sad and ridiculous, tragic and angry, and still kind".

On the 29th of March, 2016 in the White-columned hall of the princess of Chakhovscoy Valentine Talyzina will present a music and poetic composition "What is necessary for the miracle?" based on the Josef Brodsky's poems. The composition represents a cycle of 30 numbers for the reader, soloists, chorus and the chamber orchestra written by the composer Mikhail Slavkin: "The idea of the music embodiment of the poetry of Josef Brodsky arose after reading the book "Christmas Verses". Actually Brodsky never wrote this book  – it was made by the friend of the poet and his interviewer Piotr Weil. And the history was rather simple as since 1961 Brodsky used to write a poem for every Christmas. The Christmas history in the first verses and in many the subsequent, is reflected indirectly. Sometimes festive date simply was the cause for the composition of the new poem. In general these were the  verses searching for the sense of existence,  God and human being, the sense of life. These were the topics which inspired the poet throughout his life.

In the Program also participate: the soloist of Helikon-Opera  andthe Bolshoi theater of Russia Maxim Pasteur (tenor), SofyaKorepina (soprano), Eduard Pobedinsky (piano), chorus of children of Union of composers of Russia "Transformation" and orchestra of Helikon-Opera theater. Behind a conductor's stand is the composer and the artistic director of chorus "Transformation" Mikhail Slavkin.

The concert starts at 19:00.



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