For the premiere of the opera "Eugene Onegin" the Helikon Opera theatre will present the unique exhibits from the Museum-Reserve of P. I. Tchaikovsky in Klin

On the 23rd of December, on the first night of the opera "Eugene Onegin", the theater invites audience to a tour "P. Tchaikovsky. EUGENE ONEGIN. Lyrical scenes", prepared by Helikon-opera jointly with the State Memorial Museum-Preserve of P. I. Tchaikovsky in the town of Klin.

Only for one day the exposition of authentic objects and documents from the personal Tchaikovsky’s collection will be presented in Pokrovsky hall. Among the exhibits  there is a notebook of "Poetics", filled in by composer’s mother Alexandra Andreevna, being a student of the Patriotic Institute in 1829. In addition to lectures there are mentions of just published chapters of "Eugene Onegin". Documents from the Tchaikovsky archives, associated with his work on "Eugene Onegin" opera, in particular a letter to his brother Modest Ilyich outlining the original script of the opera and other creative materials, will be presented. In the center of the exhibition there will be a portrait of Tchaikovsky in the old walnut frame, which according to a legend was hanging  in the suburban estate of his friends, the Shilovsky family. This image of the composer is often called the "Tchaikovsky with the heavenly eyes."

Materials related to the history of "Eugene Onegin" opera in Stanislavsky’s production are a special part of the exhibition. Another exhibit issue is Lenskysuit, owned by Sergey Lemeshev. He has performed in it at the Bolshoi Theater, but at first Lemeshev came on the stage in this part exactly in Stanislavski studio in 1925-1926.

In addition to the exhibition the audience is invited to the traditional tour around the restored venues and halls ofHelikon-Opera.

The tour starts at 15:00. Ticket price is 300 rubles.

Ticket office +7 495 250-22-22

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