Helikon-opera is the principal film set for "War and Peace. Reading the novel" project

Moscow music theater Helikon-Opera will become the principal film set for the  Russian State Television and Radio Company (VGTRK) project "War and Peace. Reading the novel", dedicated to the 150th anniversary since the greatest epic novel was written.The project involves the Artistic Director of the Theater Dmitry Bertman, soloists Natalia Zagorinskaja, Inna Zvenyatskaja, Lidia Svetozarova,Julia Gornostaeva, Konstantin Brzhinsky, Alexander Miminoshvili and Dmitry Skorikov.


Artistic Director of Helikon-Opera People's Artist of Russia Dmitry Bertman

People's Artist of Russia Natalia Zagorinskaya

Within 60 hours the state TV channels "Russia K", "Russia 1", "Majak" radio station and through the Internet the broadcasting of the textwhich  brought worldwide fame to Leo Tolstoy, will be on air. The scale of this action has no analogues in the world, as the novel will be read from the first page to the last one.

Reading is scheduled for December 8-11, 2015,each day will cover one volume of the novel. Reading starts at 10 am Moscow time. 24 Russian cities and 10 cities abroad are involved.


Александр Миминошвили

"War and Peace" is an epic novel with a huge patriotic charge (not for nothing in 1941 its fragments were published millions as separate pocket books to fit into the pocket of a soldier's uniform). The novel descripts the life of the whole nation, of all social groups of the Russian Empire at a turning historical point. Therefore, it is a real challenge to attract to reading both professional actors, stage directors, TV and radio presentersandalso non-professional readers: politicians, athletes, scientists, public figures, people of different occupations, ages, from different parts of our country and abroad. Thus, the authors of the project demonstrate that great literature can unite all of us, and both the President and the student are equal facing it.

Each reader receives approximately one page of text, which means 2-3 minutes of broadcasting. In total, more than 1,300 readers are involved.


Lidiya Svetozarova

Yulia Gornostaeva

Dmitry Skorikov

Inna Zvenyatskaya, Konstantin Brzhinsky
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