Helikon-Opera and the Elena Obraztsova Foundation will celebrate the 100 years’ birthday of Georgy Sviridov, the composer

Music of Georgy Vasilievich Sviridov (1915-1998) belongs to the outstanding phenomenon of Russian music culture of the twentieth century. It has the spiritual power and philosophical depth of Russian poetry, the width of Russian spaciousness, echoes of church singing. The theme of Motherland runs through all artistic works of the composer and is closely interwoven with the theme of Poet. Sviridov’s Russia exists in pictures of nature, animated and emblematic, in the image of a man with his complex spiritual inner world and the purity of moral ideals.

Oratorios and cantatas, vocal and instrumental poems, cycles of romances, songs for theater performances, - Sviridov’s music has become a part of our spiritual life, our music memory. It is very difficult in realization. It  demands a lot in vocal skills and artistry, the intellect of the performers, the verbal skills, which play the exclusive role in the works of the composer. Sviridov was able to "read" poetry, he always was very attentive and sensitive to the unique style of writers.

On the 14th of December 2015 Helikon-Opera and the Elena Obraztsova Foundation invite the audience to the concert, dedicated to the 100th anniversary since the birth of the composer. The concert  brings together the artists of different generations to the stage of Helikon-Opera. The People's Artist of the USSR Alexander Vedernikov (bass) is a special guest of the evening. The singer has been working with Georgy Sviridov since 1958 in their concerts in Russia and abroad. He is the first performer of many Sviridov’s works, including the poem "The Country of Fathers" and "Pathetique Oratorio".

Among other participants of the concert are - the winner of international competitions, including the Ist International competition of chamber singing named after G. V. Sviridov bass-baritone Vladimir Baikov, the soloists of Helikon-Opera The Honoured Artists of Russia Elena Semenova (soprano), the laureates of international contests Mikhail Davydov (baritone), Igor Morozov (tenor), the soloist of Novaya Opera, the laureate of international contests Julia Mennibaeva (mezzo-soprano) and the soloist of the National Academic Orchestra of Russian Folk Instruments named after N. Osipov, the winner of national and international competitions Darya Rubtsova. The concert program includes the songs and romances by G. Sviridov on the verses of A. Block, S. Yesenin, V. Mayakovsky, R. Burns, P.-J. de Beranger.

Moscow Academic Chamber Choir conducted by Vladimir Minin presents the  fragments of "The Poem in Memory of Sergei Yesenin." The Choir has worked closely with Georgy Sviridov for several decades. Composer used to entrust the premieres of his works to Minin’s Choir and highly appreciated the outstanding talent of the founder and the artistic director of the choir, The People's Artist of the USSR Vladimir Nikolaevich Minin.

One of the best known and favorite works of the audience are themusical illustrations to Pushkin's "The Snowstorm" story, which will be performed by the orchestra of "Helikon-Opera" conducted by Vladimir Ponkin.

The program of the concert includes a presentation of the anniversary disc of Sviridov’s vocal music "Russia is Shining in my Heart” with recordings of the great Russian singer Elena Obraztsova and the author. The publication has been prepared by Elena Obraztsova and "Melody" company.

Elena Obraztsova and Georgiy Sviridov

On the 16th of December, on the composer’s birthday, Helikon-opera will present a concert of chamber music in the Shakhovskaya hall. The program includes the vocal cycle "Russia Sailed Away", romances and songs by Sviridov on the verses of Alexander Pushkin, Alexander Blok, Sergey Yesenin, Vladimir Mayakovsky, William Shakespeare, Robert Burns performed by the soloists of “Helikon-Opera” Natalia Zagorinskaya, Sergey Toptygin, Marina Karpechenko, Alexander Kiselev, Alexander Miminoshvili, Igor Morozov, Anna Pegova, Maxim Perebeinos, Dmitry Skorikov and Dmitry Khromov.
Piano -  Natalia Arutyunova, Mikhail Egiazaryan, Irina Kovaleva, Elena Sosulnikova and Sergey Chechetko.

The concerts start at 19:00.








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