The order of selling the theatre tickets

The order of selling the theatre tickets

1. A customer can buy the tickets for a performance in the theatre box office on working days from 12.00 till 22.00 or one hour before the performance starts at the address: 19/16 Bolshaya Nikitskaya Street, Moscow, Russia or at the official web site of the theatre

2. the availability of the tickets for the definite dates one can learn in the box office using the telephone numbers +7-495-250-22-22, +7-495-250-11-11, and also on the website

3. When buying the tickets, a customer is able to get all the information on a production, all existing benefits, theatre rules.

4. how to buy an e-ticket using the website

5. one can buy a ticket on-line using the website in the «playbill», pressing the button «buy tickets» opposite the title of the production you are interested in.

The order of returning back the tickets

1.According to the existing laws of the Russian Federation a customer of an e-ticket is able to refuse from seeing the performance, to receive 100 per cent of the cost of the ticket back, but the return of the ticket to the theatre should be made not later than 72 hours before the performance starts.

A customer of the ticket un the box-office of the theatre is also able to refuse from seeing the performance, he has to return the ticket to the box-office of the theatre not later that 24 hours before the performance starts and receive 100 per cent of the ticket cost back.

2.In case one is late for the performance or miss the performance according to any reason, the ticket cost cannot be reimbursed.

3. In case one damage or lose the ticket, it cannot be reimbursed.

4. Only the originals of the tickets, bought in the box office, can be returned or changed. Also can be returned or changed the tickets bought in the official theatre representatives and via website.

5. In case the performance is changed, cancelled or rescheduled the ticket cost is reimbursed in full.

In order to return the tickets bought via website, in case they have not been changed into the paper tickets, it is necessary to open «return tickets» using the link,

Put in the number of the ticket and the order number. After you press «make return», the tickets will be marked as returned and the money will be sent to your corresponding banking card.

6. In case the performance is changed or cancelled you can return the ticket from the moment of the official announcement on the theatre's web-site till the beginning of the performance.

7. If one did not use the ticket in proper time, he is not able to use it for any other performance.

8. The theatre is able to change the rule of selling and returning the tickets by itself not later than 10 days before these new rules will come into force, placing the information in the box office hall and on the website.

9. One is able to get his money back every day since 12:00 till 22:00.

10. Only nominal value of the ticket is subjected to returning.

Ticket office +7 495 250-22-22

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